A Leading Renewable Energy Utility

Solar Rais is an Energy as a Service Company that owns and operates Virtual Power Plants across Africa. We specialise in renewable energy and carbon offsets.

What we do?

Our value is increasing natural capital awareness using climate tech.

  • Solar Home & Business Solutions

    Solar Rais won EUPD Research Installer of the year award 2024.

  • Trade Your Carbon

    Tit for Tat (TFT) provides a Climate Tech platform to voluntarily trade carbon offsets for some extra cash in the bank or local services and products.

  • Training

    You want to know more about solar and renewables? Check out our offerings of solar webinars, workshops and training.

Looking for climate solutions?

We provide Energy-as-a-Service. Our company has services ranging from:

Solar Home Kits  |  Solar PV Systems  |  Sustainability Advisory  |  Solar Geysers  |  Electric Vehicles  |  Micro-grids  |  Solar Training  |  Grid Assessment  |  System Assessment & Maintenance  |  Carbon Credit Trading  |  Energy Logging

Our Vision

To provide modern, renewable energy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reward sustainability.

“Clean energy reduces diseases caused from burning fossil fuels. Diseases that affect the lungs, eyes, and general health.”


Solar Rais (Pty) ltd prides itself in being environmentally conscious, and prefers methods that reduce its Carbon footprint and uphold United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and SDG 7. Furthermore, because Africa is a continent with abundant sunshine, the sustainability of fuel sources is guaranteed. Our office building has Four Star Green Star SA certification from the Green Building Council of South Africa.

For every renewable energy related piece of equipment that the company installs, 15 South African jobs and 20 Global jobs are created or sustained, in which, more families will be supported.

Our Identity

Solar Rais is pronounced “Solar Rays” and RAIS stands for Redundant Array of Independent Solar. The name Solar Rais emphasises that solar power is a major strength of the portfolio of renewable energy power plants owned, operated, and maintained.

Solar Rais (Pty) ltd, is a 100% black-youth EaaS company with Level 1 BBBEE and CIDB EP PE based in Sandton, which was founded in 2018. Our company is equipped with a team of a highly skilled and business orientated professionals in the industry of Renewable Energy. The current installed capacity is 60 kW with a goal to support 1 GW by 2025 and be nature positive by 2030.

Solar Rais Ltd is a separately owned but affiliated, London UK company, with mission to provide global services for carbon offsets and climate change advisory.

Partner with Solar Rais

To provide the best service for our clients, we collaborate with industry experts and professionals across the globe.

Areas we are interested in partnering in:
Technical Partnerships
Development Enterprises


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