Let's put a diagnosis to your energy concern

Solar Rais  Your leading energy experts

After winning EUPD Research Installer of the year award 2024, our Microgrid clinic division has grown to empower US, Canada & European communities and Prosumers to resolve complex energy issues.

Our Services include

Grid Health Check

Our experienced team performs systems assessments on distribution boards, substations, telecoms and energy equipment to determine system performance levels.

X-Ray Thermo Imaging

Our thermographic imaging services brings hidden building performance to the light. Over 60% of building fires are caused by electrical equipment that could have been prevented if we perform effective and efficient thermographic imaging that x-rays your building elements.

Energy Logging

You know your electricity bill is high but you are not sure why? Allow us to log your energy use and provide you with expert advise on how you can reduce your monthly energy expenses or just shift your load.

Take care of your energy systems health.
Treat the symptoms Now!

Grid Health Check

Your personal Energy Doctor. Book your checkup!

Often prosumers find that their energy systems:

  • Are not performing as they should, 
  • Are suffering from reactive energy overdose and need our CalciCap vitamin to correct power factor,
  • Are suffering from unstable voltage and need a Voltimood regulator vitamin,
  • Do not know what the system pulse should feel like, or
  • They suspect that the system has issues. 

As Solar Rais, Our Microgrid Team provides efficient and affordable system assessments and on site fixes or international parts importing, in order to diagnose the possible health issues preventing your system from functioning optimally. Saving you from unnecessary maintenance costs that can be resolved by a Grid Health Check from us. 

X-Ray Thermo Imaging

Bringing what's in the dark into the light!

Commercial and Residential clients require non-intrusive inspection methods to assess maintenance or damage related issues before pulling it all out or before moving in.

Our non-destructive non-disruptive thermo-imaging method allows for detection of:

  • missing,
  • damaged, or inadequate insulation,
  • building envelope air leaks,
  • hot connections,
  • early failure of equipment,
  • moisture intrusion and,
  • substandard workmanship

Solar Rais X-Ray Thermo imaging can save you time and guest work by helping you quickly target the source of the problem,allowing the customer to make informed decisions on repairs required in order to improve energy efficiency or boost their preventative maintenance regime. 

Energy logging

Energy Logging

Know how you consume your energy!

Are you using a lot of energy or have you noticed your electricity bill go up?

  • Do you need an accurate view of what that device or building is pulling?
  • Did you know you can turn your Carbon Credits and other environmental benefits that your energy system generates into cash?

Our Microgrid Team can help you log a record of your home and business, allowing you to make better decisions regarding your future energy use and energy trading. Helping you better understand: how to read your own utility bill, how to unlock financial benefits from your Carbon Credits and how to promote other environmental benefits.

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