Solar Rais launches the Women for Green Jobs (W4GJ) programme, an initiative aimed at empowering unemployed female youth in South Africa by creating 50 jobs in the renewable energy e-mobility sector. Powered by Shortlist and GEAPP, this initiative is poised to make a significant impact on both gender equality and sustainable development.

Through a cohort-based programme running in short cycles, individuals will gain essential industry knowledge in electric energy production, e-transportation, eco-tourism, and carbon tax. These skills will enable them to secure job roles in the e-mobility sector, effectively addressing energy, gender, climate change, and employment challenges, thereby reducing multidimensional poverty.

Female youth in South Africa are invited to apply for the “Women for Green Jobs” programme and become part of this transformative journey towards a greener, more inclusive future.

E-Mobility for sustainable development goals means fossil-fuel free transportation across land, water and air.



We build talent pipelines, equipping youth with skills and real work experience to kickstart their careers in the Green Economy.

Talent Acquisition

Outreach & awareness.

Screen for fit, interest and aptitude.

Organise into cohorts.

Talent Upskilling

Engage youth focus on upskilling in Green Economy Skills.

Deliver technical training as well as “career readiness” support.

Career Ready

On the Job training in Solar Rais Microgrid Clinic.

Absorption or placement with industry professions.

Monitoring & Support.

Applications open 01 June 2024 – 15 June 2024.