Decarbonising the economy takes joint efforts

Did you know that you can be rewarded for a sustainable lifestyle?

Tit for Tat is a Climate Tech platform for prosumers to voluntarily trade carbon offsets and sustainable energy attributes for some extra cash in the bank or local services and products.

We seek to monetise and reward sustainability and decarbonisation.

Get your Solar Rais Energy Certificate (sREC) 

How does it work?

Trade carbon offsets or get listed on the London Stock Exchange via our affiliate Solar Rais, registered in London for an additional fee.

Each megawatt of energy or ton of carbon mitigated a is given a tradable attribute certificate that attests to how and where it was produced.

What are sRECS

Solar Rais Energy Certificates (sRECS) are performance-based climate incentives that allow you to earn additional income from solar, wind, hydro electricity and fossil fuel reducing decarbonisation activities.

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