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Solar Rais - Webinar Series

With a growing interest in the renewable energy market and the drive towards sustainable living, more consumers, industry professionals and governments find themselves asking question about where they fit in and how they can both participate and benefit from moving to renewables. 

As Solar Rais we have prepared specially curated webinar series to get you up to date with development and discussions in the renewable energy space. 

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Citizen Participation

How do you fit in?

Beyond the “crowdfunding” revolution that many citizens in renewable energy projects know of, many other sustainable models can be painted as inspiration. 

We will be looking at ideas from cities such as sustainable public infrastructure, grid decarbonisation, clean oceans, market trading, green markets and day-ahead markets. We will also include an analysis of energy transitions policies and how people relate to them.

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Online Webinar

Cost :  FREE

Time  :  18h00 pm

Date  :  28 October 2021  

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Cyber Security in Renewables

How can defend your system against cyber threats?

If you produce or consume energy at any at any medium to large scale, there are cyber related threats and risks to think about. This can relate to a port, a city, a business and even your own home. 

We will share information on how to take action if your website ends in for the South African Domain namespace. We will also look at Open Smart Grid Protocols and websites that use www…

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Bring your questions and inquisitive mind and lets learn more about how renewables can bring positive energy to your life. 

Online Webinar

Cost :  FREE

Time  :  18h00 pm

Date  :  04 November 2021  

New Electricity Generation CAP Increase from 1MW to 100MW - Part 2

Does it go far enough?

An overview and panel discussion on the South African Government decision to change the non-licensed private power generation increased cap from 1MW to 100MW.

The Panel will be moderated by Sabatha, the lead country contributor for South Africa in the Renewables 2021 Global Status Report (GSR), an annual snapshot of renewable energy around the world. It covers policies, markets, and much more, while telling the most up-to-date global story on renewable energy. 

Want to get a lead on our upcoming discussion? Take a look at the Global Status Report. 

Online Webinar

Cost :  FREE

Date  :  25 November 2021  

Time  :  18h00 pm

Solar Rais - Courses

Check out our more in-depth courses where we delve into more technical aspects of renewable energy. See what courses are available for your professional career development. 

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