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Microgrids in Africa

supported by the Project Finance Institute

With Africa holding the most solar irradiation and largest growing population by 2050, the need for renewable energy to create a sustainable future is a main tool in fighting climate change.

The adoption of Solar Power is in line with UN SDG7, since modern clean energy is becoming a cornerstone of decarbonising economies and providing daytime energy assurance. Solar power can reach where the current grid cannot reach due to the cost of transmission lines.

What to expect?

In this webinar, Sabatha, and the Project Finance Institute from UK will cover:

1. Green Microgrid finance transactions above $1M across Africa and the major financial structures used.

2. The embedded generation license exemption limit of 100MW in South Africa.

3. Monitoring of Microgrids for compliance and regional value trading including Renewable Energy Certificates.

4. Microgrid project finance structure considerations for risk adjusted return adjustment and multilateral insurance in Africa.

5. Legally supporting draft templates that can be used to accelerate deal closing time for Microgrids.

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Date: 14 December 2022
Time: 13h00

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